About Us

African (BMEs) Community Association was set up to support the health and well-being of the African and Ethnic Minority communities in Luton and Bedfordshire who are isolated, neglected or disadvantaged and suffers inequalities.

  • To bring together families and friends through provision of culturally appropriate healthy eating programmes, health promotion, social interaction, recreational and educational activities
  • To reach out to hidden Carers, (adult & young) and provide needed support i.e. respite including reaching out to younger generation – students
  • To promote skills training of Carers and members and their personal development
  • To reach wider communities in Luton and Bedfordshire and work closely with other voluntary and community organisations in order to be part of safer and stronger communities including the local authority in the delivery of its services
  • To make a difference in the mental health and community services by providing support to these individuals so they can enjoy healthy lives.
  • To provide health and wellbeing information, advice, referrals to other Carers/Health agencies including support with rehabilitation accommodation and advocacy i.e. people’s rights, FGM child abuse, human trafficking and domestic abuse etc.
  • To show that we care, we are inclusive and above all respect the independence of the people we support.